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We have one of the most modern, automated sips manufacturing facilities in the world.



We export our panels and building kits around the globe. We have one of the most modern, automated sips manufacturing...


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    was founded by a team of experienced SIPs builders that were one of the first to introduce SIPs construction products to South America. Recognizing the limitations of standard OSB (SIP) and Cement Fiber (CSIP) panels used here in the USA and other parts of the world, Innova and its team of Engineers developed new product options to the industry standard SIP panel in order to overcome these limitations. Our Innova panels have superior fire ratings to standard SIP panels. The loading of the Innova SIP panel is superior to CSIP and OSB SIP panels allowing the application of SIP panels to the building process for a wider range of projects.
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The Innova Eco Building System saves the project developer time and money while providing the end user with an energy efficient eco friendly low carbon foot print building. Our building system is fast, durable, energy efficient and can help your next project meet those stringent deadlines. With Innova´s energy efficient green building products, we can offer high performance state of the art buildings for the same cost or less than traditional construction methods.

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