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April 2012

Innova introduces new product lines:
a) Innova MGO SIPs Panels: (Magnesium Oxide SIPs panels). Innova panels are the next generation of SIPs panels having a superior fire rating to traditional fiber cement and OSB SIPs panels. As the result of a license distribution agreement, Innova is the exclusive distributor in the USA and South America for MGO Corp magnesium oxide board products. The MGO Corp products are fully approved internal and external sheathing products manufactured under JAS/ANZ CODEMARK Conformity Certification. These certifications are recognized throughout 20 counties worldwide. There are many Magnesium Oxide Board manufacturers however MGO Corp is currently the only Magnesium Oxide Board available in the USA and South America with these certifications in place for its products. The Innova Panel is manufactured using the JAS/ANZ CODEMARK approved MGO board for its externial skins.

b) CSIPs: (Cement Panel SIPs) Innova offers a Cement skin SIPs (CSIPs) panel as part of its product line. Innova offers cement panel skins in the standard 5/16″ cement fiber board skins and additional thicknesses up of cement board up to 1″ depending on the intended end use of the panels.

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