Innova Special Use SIP – Special Use Buildings – Prefabricated Special Use Buildings

Innova Eco building system manufactures a variety of special use buildings using Structural Insulated Panels (SIP). Innova will take your special use design and manufacture it into an easy to install prefabricated building kit that can be shipped to your project anywhere in the World!

If you do not have a design, Innova will work with your staff to custom design a special use building that meets your specific project requirements. Innova has manufactured special use insulated equipment buildings to house electronic equipment that must be in a climate controlled environment for proper operation. Pump houses, security rooms, agriculture buildings, temporary housing, roof structures, military structures, drone command centers, mini hospital and triage center, forest service buildings, bunkers, detached garages, pool bar, recreational park buildings, and other special use buildings.

Our Magnesium Oxide SIP panels are mold and insect resistant and can be manufactured with almost any printed surface, including camouflage and bullet resistant panels. Flat packed building kits can be transported by truck, rail, sea or air transport to almost any location.

Innova can manufacture your unique prototype design, or mass produce designs into prefabricated units that can be flat packed into easy to install units. We use state of the art equipment in our climate controlled facility to manufacture some of the highest quality SIP panels available on the market today. Innova and our manufacturing members, can work with clients to design and develop the special use product required by our client’s needs. For more information about custom laminations and panel types, please visit our Specialty Lamination Page

Hickory Studio
Multiple Area – 1 Bathroom
Living Area: 348.16 sq. ft. / 32.38 sq. mt
Total Area: 485.16 sq. ft / 45.07 sq. mt

Single Car Garage Option B
Construction Area 392 sq. ft/36.42 sq. mt.

Pool Shed
Total Area: 64.00 sq. ft. / 5.95sq. mt

Triple Car Garage
Garage Area: 868.30 sq. ft / 80.67 sq. mt

Single Car Garage Option A
Construction Area 392 sq. ft/36.42 sq. mt.

Double Car Garage
Garage Area: 704.62 sq. ft / 65.46 sq. mt

Double Car Garage w/ Carport
Garage Area: 672.00 sq. ft / 62.43 sq. mt
Total Area: 1068.76 sq. ft / 99.29 sq. mt

Double Car Garage w/ Porch Option 2
Garage Area: 624.00 sq. ft / 57.97 sq. mt
Total Area: 816 .00 sq. ft / 75.80 sq. mt

Module | Shopping – Commercial Possibility
Total Area: 11,598.24 sq. ft / 1077.51 sq. mt

Camp House Bed and Breakfast Lodge
Construction Area :
5,300 sq. ft – 492.39 m²
7 Bedrooms/ 10 Bathrooms